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About me

I am not classic nature photographer. If I have to choose between nature and photography, I will go for nature. Photography is nothing more than just a way how to express my relationship to nature. I am pretty sure I can very easily live without photography. But I cannot live without cold nights under thousands of stars, without spotting happiness of wild animals, without climbing majestic mountains.

Born in the north part of the Czech republic, in the middle of beautiful scenery shaped by windy mountains, deep forests and famous rock formations, I’ve always had a very close relationship with nature. But when it comes to photography, I did not consider it as serious thing until summer 2007, when I bought my first digital camera. That moment changed a lot of things in my life.

Development of my photography style was not easy and went through a couple of stages. After shooting everything around me any time of the day, after crazy HDR time, after shooting morning fog from boring tourist

viewpoints, around 2010 I have finally managed to find and define my style and the way I want to go. Inspired by a work of modern landscape photography pioneers like Marc Adamus, Ryan Dyar, Floris van Breugel or Chip Phillips, I am trying to catch pure beauty and unique atmosphere of wild places and remoted mountains all around the world.

Although photography plays a major role in planning my trips and adventures, what remains in me forever are not long hours waiting for a good light and searching for the best composition, but all those things that cannot be planned and happen just accidentaly, because of either luck or pitty. Like two night being alone on abandoned island near Iceland when looking for puffins, three days stucked in a tent during snowy storm in remoted russian mountains, autumn storm in Dolomites that teared my tent, close encounters of bear in Yellowstone, wolf in Yosemite or crocodile in Costa Rica, but also all of those breathtaking sunsets on rocks of Broumovské stěny mountains, a countryside of my childhood.


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